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The Concept

A revolutionary approach to video & film production, HERETIC FOUNDATION is a creative syndicate, diving into the deep end of virtual production. We are creating a unique holistic answer to the demands of next level immersive storytelling.

The brainchild of director Alex Proyas, HERETIC FOUNDATION is building the new paradigm in video & film production – combining all creative disciplines of production: shoot, edit, vfx, sound, colour grade & finish.

We aim to be a game changer in the way films & content of all kinds can be created. Employing a dedicated seamless workflow and the flexibility of Unreal Engine and LED screen tech we build virtual worlds and place ultimate control into the hands of creators.


The Philosophy

We believe in the power of imagination. We want to enable filmmakers to make anything they can imagine a reality. We believe that budget should never limit imagination or creative possibilities.

We are a bespoke workflow built by a team of industry leaders & artists who share varied skillsets to service the creation of any kind of content, from TVC’s and music videos to episodic series and feature film.


The Mission

We want to enhance the way creative teams work together, simplify collaboration and crew-sizes, and maximise cost effectiveness and shoot/post schedule efficiencies. We build project-specific teams of multi-talented individuals to produce the best possible results, re-writing the rulebook to keep pushing towards better ways to create.

HERETIC FOUNDATION is the future, now.


The Team

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Alex Proyas

Alex Proyas is the renowned director of such major movies as THE CROW, DARK CITY, I,ROBOT, KNOWING & GODS OF EGYPT. “I’ve always dreamed of building an ultimate train-set like this for my own work, but also with the view to helping shape the future of film production and enabling fellow filmmakers achieve greater creative freedom”.


Andrew Robinson

With 35 years' film and TV experience, Andrew has served as the GM of Deluxe Australia and Omnilab Group, the Executive Producer of Method Studios, and the Founder of Postmodern. His Executive Producer credits include THE WOLVERINE, THE GREAT GATSBY, AUSTRALIA, and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Erasmo Raimundo final.jpeg

Erasmo (Raz) Raimundo

Erasmo Raimundo (Raz) is a Screen Producer who has worked across varying mediums over the past 10 years including; Film, Web, App, TV, Audio and Studio Management. With his digital media and technical skillsets he is well adapted at taking on the challenges of supporting a growing Virtual Production Studio. You can find him at his laptop, phone to ear, drinking a strong flat white all whilst switching between playlists of classical music, hip hop and heavy metal. “I’m excited to be able to play a part in the development of new technology and practices set to revolutionise the creation of the content of the future".


Mathieu Burri

Mathieu Burri spent 13 years working for films, TV, brands and commercials. Starting in London as a lighting artist on award winning films, he also spent two years in Beijing where he worked as a VFX producer. Mat has more recently worked on the development of a startup specialised in 3d scanning, building a platform for virtual reality and virtual production. “Digital and physical are merging rapidly, and Virtual Production allows authors to shape this new reality.”

Aleksei final.jpg

Aleksei Vanamois

Aleksei Vanamois has always searched for a creative outlet, whether it was making sculpture out of car parts, building robots out of lego, or crafting camera parts from scratch, his drive to create knew no bounds. He kicked off his career as a graphic designer developing a strong visual sense and imagination, and it wasn't long before Cinematography became an obsession where he can apply his craft and technical know-how. "We use powerful tools that merge art and science together to capture the imagination."


Rachel Bianculli

Rachel Bianculli started her career in post-production as a runner in London.

She then moved into VFX Production working on a number of award-winning feature films and

TV mini-series. "Virtual Production is allowing film-making to be more creatively dynamic, new technologies are shaping the new industry standards and optimising the post-production process."


The Heretic Story


Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 5.33_edited.jpg

Our first entirely Virtual Feature - currently in production.


Our first VP film. 



I,Robot, 2004

In 2002 I, ROBOT was one of the first productions to pioneer the use of virtual environments. In this scene from the film, Proyas & Learoyd employed a  process dubbed “Encoda-Cam” that allowed Proyas to slave his camera to a simple virtual representation of the scene and the robots in formation.


​Proyas could then see where Will Smith was in relation to the lines of robots, and very quickly frame shots based on pre-visualation. In the years since, this has become the “new normal” for elaborate VFX sequences of this kind.  


​Learoyd would edit alongside the shoot in a portable cutting room near the set - a process Proyas & Learoyd have adopted on all their projects since and which has informed the workflow of HERETIC FOUNDATION.

Gods of Egypt, 2016

In this sequence from GODS OF EGYPT, Proyas once again employed virtual production - running across several units - to create a particularly complex final result. The technology had come a long way in the ensuing years making it possible to see much more refined composites on set, and to employ greater flexibility with camera movement.


The techniques were used extensively throughout the production of the film and also benefitted from quicker and simpler set-up time. The virtual environments rendered on set in real time were also used later by Learoyd as temp backgrounds in edit.

Now with Unreal Engine, the backgrounds can be rendered in photo-real realtime as we shoot.

HERETIC FOUNDATION can produce environments of similar complexity, with lower cost and with quicker turnaround.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 7.56.06 am.png

HERETIC FOUNDATION is making an on-going series of short films,

partly as a method to test our developing pipeline...


...but also because we like to make stuff.

These two films are recent additions.



Heretic Foundation


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